Iridium, multiple Iridial glints

Walter I. Nissen (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 01:19:09 -0500 (EST)

Perhaps this info will help some of you see multiple glints from an
Iridium.  On the evening of the 16th, I saw some peculiar behavior from
24839 = 97-30D = Ir P41  9/10.  She brightened toward and dimmed from a
likely brighter-than-predicted maximum (my elset is 9 days old) in a
rather irregular way.  9 minutes later, 25171 = 98-10C = Ir P42  52/54
produced an extended maximum with hints of structure.  This evening the
hints blossomed into multiple glints, though, of course, the craft
involved changed.  24840 = 97-30E = Ir P44  13 produced a triple glint
with very shallow separations of the glints.  So shallow, I didn't time
them separately.  In my state of ill health, I just couldn't pull the
trigger on them, the variation in brghtness was so small.  9 minutes
later, 25531 = 98-66E = Ir P45R  83 produced a peculiar quadruple glint.
The first was mag 3?, then two (or three) very shallow untimed ones at
mag 5?, then a pause and a glint of mag 4?.

Perhaps a "season" of multiple glint visibility is just beginning.  I
certainly haven't been seeing any lately.

I have no way of knowing whether my experience will translate over to
your latitude and longitude in the coming days, but maybe it is worth a

You have to ask for faint glints, unless you want very few events.

Good luck.

(I'm working on responses to interesting correspondence from a number of


Walter Nissen         
-81.8637, 41.3735, 256m elevation


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