Wed, 17 Nov 99 20:35:24 PST

> This morning, Jim Nix wrote describing his observations of an UNID ...
991117 A 1999-11-17 01:39:09.5 JN 82.1 .2 11 7.46 5.0 -> inv f

> I'm not one those observers, but using the coordinates you give in Jim's
> signature, SkyMap (Rob Matson's) leads me to believe that his UNID is
> 13007 =  81-119B = Intelsat 5-3 Atlas Centaur R/B.

I made a recent observation of this object (14/Oct/99, 18:51UT) timing 50
periods. It had unevenly spaced alterate flashes (6.4s+7.4s = 13.8s, the
mean flash period was 6.84s. This is fairly similar to Jim's timing,
supporting the conclusion that this was the Centaur he observed.

Further general information, including flash periods of Centaur rockets can
be found on my web page;


Best wishes & clear skies.

Jason P Hatton
06200 Nice

43.692N, 7.246E,30M


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