Re: Leonid rates high

Malcolm Purves (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 02:34:03 -0100

At 02:07 18/11/99 +0000, Alan wrote :
>Excuse the off-topic post,
not to worry Alan ! I have been monitoring the meteorobs list
and there have been no 'ontopic' posts from europe or the
near east, so thankyou for that.
Here ( SW England ) it rains still :-(  so, unlike the exceptional
display I saw last year, 18hrs before the predicted time, I am
destined to see nothing this time round.
Oh well, only another 33years to wait :-!((

>but after a cloudy evening the clouds are
>starting to part over Edinburgh and I can confirm that the Leonids are
>putting on a fine display. There is still too much cloud to give a
>reliable count, but I would guess I am seeing ~20 meteors/minute at
>~02.00 UTC, (one of) the predicted peak time(s)...

That sounds like a good rate.
On my amateur radio there are reports of +40sec reflections
which suggests some fireballs also.


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