Re: Fireball or re-entry?

James Husnay Sr. (
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 08:13:09 -0500

This was on the "Leonids Live" NASA report:

What's New on November 17, 1999

Huge Fireball Dazzles Midwest: Reports of a large fireball
were received shortly after 7 pm EST on Tuesday night from
states including KY, PA, IN, OH, MI, NY, WI and MO. The
trajectory was similar in appearance to an aircraft, flying low and
level across the horizon. It is likely that this is an "Earth-grazer"
travelling nearly parallel to the Earth's surface through the
atmosphere. This eastward-moving meteor was probably unrelated
to the Leonids, but it could be a taste of things to come when the
Leonids meteor shower peaks late Wednesday night and Thursday
morning. Stay tuned!

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