FW: Tether Had Tremendous

Brierley David (DMBRIERLEY@dera.gov.uk)
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 08:57:43 -0000


>        My question was, "Are (tethers) creating an electrically 
> charged field that radiates light around them?"
As a regular observer of TiPS, using 20x80 binoculars, I would say that
the tether is MUCH fainter than when it was first deployed.  I only
bother looking for it now if the sky is free of twilight and Moonlight.

At a guess it's at least two magnitudes fainter than it was 3 years ago,
a factor of x6.  Would other observers agree?


David M Brierley
Malvern, Worcestershire, UK
Station 2675, 52.1358N 2.3264W 70m

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