UNID Saturday Night

Mon, 8 Nov 1999 16:03:11 +0100


While cooking on the grill Saturday night (for about the last time until
spring) I happened to observe an unidentified satellite.  It was running
slightly west of due north to south and culminated at approximately 18:28
EST (23:28 UTC).  This sighting is only remarkable to me because the object
was easily observable at 1X was easily as bright as, say, ZARYA or ISS.  I
ran visual.tle from celestrak.com and the latest large elset file from
dransom.com.  I couldn't find any likely candidates.  Any suggestions?

Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
36.7653N, 76.2178W, 3.7m, UTC minus 5 (EST)

PS -- I got a nice observation of HST on its pass Saturday night.  The
weather here has been absolutely perfect for observations... clear skies,
low humidity, no wind.  Yummy!

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