lacrosse3 obs
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 00:42:10 -0000

Lacrosse 3 observation-6 nov '99

25017 97 064A   9999 F 19991106175745600 56 15 
0019140+290448 18 S+025 05  

N.B. the station number  is not mine -i used it to get "obsentry" to 
work.    I placed this observation prior to getting a formal station 
number as this is the first decent break on weather and , also, it 
appears that Lacrosse is subject to some interest. This is my 
second attempt to post same data-I have cut and paste the IOD 
data from "obsentry" - i hope you will bear with me as  a newcomer 
and please provide feedback/criticism re observation.
be seeing you


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