RE: 92-86C recovered

Ted Molczan (
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 17:12:30 -0500

Here is a very preliminary orbit that is a good fit to David Brierley's
recovery observation:

USA 89 r         4.0  2.0  0.0  5.5 v
1 22519U 92086  C 99308.19880139  .00004000  00000-0  63097-3 0    07
2 22519  56.9390 337.5498 3379000 328.1344 159.3986  8.47437568    02

To produce these elements, I began with elements from epoch 99205, and adjusted
the decay rate to produce a close fit to David's observations. Using this decay
rate as a mean value, I propagated the mean motion to an epoch coincident with
the time of the observations, and precessed the RAAN and argument of perigee
accordingly. Finally, I set the decay rate a nominal value that I believe
should be close to reality.

I expect prediction accuracy to be well within about 1 minute of time after 1

I will be able to produce a much more reliable orbit after additional
observations are made.

Ted Molczan

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