Re: Spectacular flasher

Björn Gimle (
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 21:57:38 +0100

Tristan Cools reported Glblstar rk flashes in

To me, and my graphic program, it is obvious you timed 5 complete, well-defined (+-0.025) cycles of 2.44 seconds, with secondary flashes 0.8 sec after, and 1.1 seconds before, the main flash (both +-0.08 sec).

2.45 seconds is a better average for all three flash series, but increases the error of the main cycle to +-0.035, but also systematic instead of random.

The graph of his accurate observations are in

(This is a simple case, when the pattern is obvious by looking at lap times only. It can be much more difficult without a graph if there are a few bad or missing laps, a readout error, or intervals that are more similar)

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