Louis J. Esch (
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 06:52:10 -0500

Greetings, from a new subscriber:

My name is Louis J. Esch, usually called "Lou".  I live at ( 42.8647N,
73.9075W), which is outside a village called Scotia in the valley of the
Mohawk River in New York State, USA, near the confluence with the Hudson
River.  Not a prime viewing location by any means, with weather that is
more often cloudy than clear, and neighbors who somehow feel more safe if
they leave lights on all night. But here is where I am stuck.

Though a resident of New York State for over 40 years, I still consider
myself more connected to my home state of Michigan and the city of Grand
Rapids, where I was born.

I am husband of one, father of six, and grandfather of 17; a retired
nuclear physicist, having worked 35 satisfying years for General Electric.
My interest in satellite observing is a part of my interest in observing
just about everything - the activities of  birds and animals, the
operations of the physical universe, and (some of) the daily news.  The
works of God and the works of Man.  The move into space is surely one of
the most important of Man's activities.  How could one NOT have an interest
in it?

 - Lou Esch

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