Molniya 3-11 observation

Bradley P. Allen (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 20:17:27 -0800

Using Alan Pickup's latest elsets, I caught a pass of Molniya 3-11 this 
evening 11/30 local time.  Using 15x45 binoculars, it was seen in nearest 
approach to Delta Peg at 19:12:50 PDT with brightness about mag 6. 
 Following it through Andromeda into Cassiopeia, it flared three times to 
about mag 0, duration < 1 sec., the last of which I saw at 1x.  I wasn't 
expecting to see that!

Bradley P. Allen
Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
N 33.881  W 118.387 42 meters