ISS/Zarya observation

Ralph McConahy (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 06:30:57 -0800

Observed the ISS Zarya module this morning in a mostly blue dawn sky. I had
a very good sun-sat-obs angle (from about 15 to 70 degrees) during the pass
as it moved from W to NE. The only star visible near Zarya's path was the
mag 0 Capella (Auriga-Alpha). In the west Zarya *easily* out-shined Capella
into the -2 or brighter range (I've not seen Mir as bright). It seemed to
have about a 30 second flash period.

One question I have is: How bright is the ISS predicted to be for ground
observers when it is fully assembled?

  Ralph McConahy
  34.8829N  117.0064W  670m