Zarya/ISS 25544/98067A

Mon, 30 Nov 98 11:03:47

Observed Zarya the morning Nov 30 10:48 UT (the second morning in a row)
in a high altitude high illumination pass from SW to NE. It punched 
through the morning haze (limiting mag +2) today quite well. It was
steady, bright white around a peak mag 0.

Yesterday morning's past (Nov 29) was different, sky very clear but sun 
about 4 degrees or so below the horizon, no stars including Capella in
the NW at mag 0. Picked it up in 7x50 binocs quite well, but not 
naked eye. Moved across the NW sky at 30 deg. altitude. This sat should 
be no problem viewing close toward sunrise/sunset with binocs as long as 
it is highly illuminated (>80%)

Congratulations to SeeSat-L on its 4th Anniversary and thanks to those
who make it possible.

Jeff Hunt <>
38.51N 76.76W (Maryland, US)