Re: Element Manager for Windows in work

Sun, 29 Nov 1998 20:00:05 -0500

Here's some more on Element Manager in reply to my requests/comments:

Rick von Glahn wrote:

>Jay Respler wrote:
 > In the .ini file, can I set the default to open using Miles instead of Km?
> I can add that option (I think, have to check the source code to see how I
> did all that).
> OK, that's now added. On the Setup Screen, click the preferred unit of
> measurement.
> > When looking at the list of Active Sats, the up/down arrows, PageUp/Down
> > move the whole list up/down. Left/Rt arrows do the same as up/down arrows.
> > The only way I found to move from 1 sat to another nearby is to click on
> > it.  In addition to the mouse, can there be a way to use keys to move
> > up/down to another object?  Maybe shift or control + arrows.
> > The left/rt arrows could move 1 column left/rt instead of duplicating
> > the up/down arrows.
> Hmmm, I've been thinking the same thing. Once you place a scroll bar on a
> form, the cursor keys link to it. I'll try and see if I can't override that.
> If I can, I'll make the left and right arrows move from column to column.
> The up and down arrows, up and down a line at a time. The page up and page
> down keys, I'll leave alone. They should still link to the scroll bar and
> move up and down a page at a time then.
> UPDATE: I've done a prelim study and come up negative on this idea. I'll
> keep looking into it but, it doesn't look good. Once a form (window) has a
> control on it (buttons that do things) it resolutely ignores the keyboard.
> I found a bug on the "Selection Screen" (selecting by age wouldn't work).
> I've fixed that so, if I can figure out how to do the above quickly, I'll
> include those additions before I release the "fix".
> 73 -- Rick
Jay Respler
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