John Locker (satcom@cybase.co.uk)
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 13:59:36 -0000

During early 1999 , the Micro-satellite TUBSat will be launched from the
Indian Shar launch complex.

Tubsat will carry imaging equipment which will transmit real time video of
specific land "targets" , on demand .Not only that , but it will transmit
the images in FM pal format in the S band.

Anyone with the correct receiving equipment will be able to monitor the
Ideally a 3 metre dish fitted with an S band lnb will be required,however,
a home built yagi array would be an interesting winter  DIY topic....I
wonder if anyone out there has any plans?

Some time ago I did receive some details of a C band array , but
unfortunately , in a recent move of  qth they went awol !

TUBSat is being built by The University of Berlin and the DLR , and will be
placed in a 700 km sun synchronous orbit.  



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