Lunar transit

Ed Cannon (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 02:53:30 -0500

Saturday evening (about 01:05-06 on 29 Nov UTC) from San 
Antonio, Texas (29.40N, 98.66W, 180m) I picked up a pass 
of Lacrosse 3 Rk (25018, 97-64B) at one power and then 
switched to binoculars.  Soon I noticed that it was 
heading for the beautiful Moon-Jupiter conjunction!  At 
first I thought it might go between them, but at the 
last second it was obvious that it was going to transit 
the Moon.  I lost it in the glare of the sunlit side and 
didn't reacquire it until after it had already crossed 
the unlit side.  "Missed it by that much!"  

Besides having to know ahead of time that there's going 
to be a transit (coulda used Skymap!), I guess that to 
actually see the transit one should just aim at the dark 
side and wait for the satellite to cross the field.   
"Be prepared!"  ...  Who, me?

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA