Re: STS-88 Launch Visibility Info

Sat, 28 Nov 98 20:17:22

You might want to try

I recently discovered it and they maintain a nice archive video 
service using either Real Video or MS Windows Media version.
They still have the full Zarya launch archived and you can find 
a direct link to it on:

They also do "live" NASA programming. I don't know how
overloaded they get during live programming, but I 
suspect that the 03:59 EST launch won't be too
popular for except some diehards and possibly +600 other
people ;-) 

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--- On Sat, 28 Nov 1998 10:59:04 -0500 wrote:

>Can anyone suggest a little-known link or mirror where I can get live
>coverage, if only in audio? The usual NASA-TV type links are always
>overloaded at launch time.