Cosmos 808r/Cosmos 1437r
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 09:16:31 EST

Continuing clear skies this morning allowed for good viewing again for the
third morning in a row; a rarity this time of year around here.

Cosmos 808r (#8755) made a pass from 1111-1115 UTC; visual mag of around 3.0
to the west at about 45 degrees elevation near Taurus. Cosmos 1437r (#13771)
made a pass about 2 minutes later heading the other way; visual mag of around
4 - 4.2 at about the same azimuth and elevation.

ISS was to have made a pass from 1103-1113 low in the southeast at about 20
degrees elevation but did not make a visual.Looks like next good pass in this
area to be Monday morning around 1045 UTC to the southsouthwest at about 35
degree max elevation.

40.86N 81.93W