Cosmos 1242 and Cosmos 2306r
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 08:05:42 EST

Clear skies prevailed this Thursday morning, a bonus this time of year,
although the atmosphere was a little unsteady because of breezy conditions to
make a few observations.

Cosmos 1242 (12154) made a pass at 1113 UTC almost due west at about 50
degrees elevation. Visual mag of about 4.0. Cosmos 2306 r followed about 5
minutes later at a visual mag of around 4.3 and elevation of around 40

Zarya Proton r was making a pass from 1218-1223 UTC  only about 10 minutes
before sunrise in the southeast and only about 18 degrees elevation but no
observation was made. Current element predictions bring it back for another
pass on the morning of the 27th (1144-1148 UTC) but only at a 13 degree max

40.86N 81.93W