Iridium double flares -- 4th night

Ed Cannon (
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 01:47:48 -0500

Thursday 26 Nov. UTC (Wednesday evening local -- the fourth 
consecutive night of observing this phenomenon, each night 
from a different satellite).  Very good conditions).  
Location, 30.314N, 97.866W, 270m.  

Iridium 15 (24869, 97-34A).  Iridflar predicted +3 at 00:23:40 
(solar elev. -10 deg.), and the satellite came through with 
that one.  Mike McCants and I kept watching it, and sure 
enough it flared again -- get this -- to at least -4!!  The 
second one was one-power visible for at least 10 seconds, from 
about 00:25:00 to about 00:25:10, and it maxed at about 
00:25:05, a full 85 seconds after the first one.  Interesting!

Mike and I also saw Mir -- from his car while sitting at a
stoplight, on the way to the observing site!  It was a very 
good pass, including a fairly close approach to Jupiter!

To the USA folks and others whom it may concern -- Happy
Thanksgiving!  (Which reminds me, I won't get to look for the
fifth night's possible Iridium double-flare event -- not from
the same location anyway -- as I'm heading to San Antonio for
the holiday.  We have morning Zarya predictions for the next
few days, so maybe my folks and I will get to see it from S.A.)

Ed Cannon - -- Austin, Texas, USA