Mir from Qantas 747

Peter Hunter (funta@ozemail.com.au)
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 23:27:05 +1100

A little boring, perhaps, after all the Zarya/ISS excitement, but good old
Mir was sighted from the flightdeck of Qantas QFA7, B747-438 VH-OJJ, direct
Sydney-Los Angeles. Details follow:

A/C position S02d16m W158d55m (bearing 191dM 268nm from Christmas Island).
Altitude 33000ft. Time 24Nov98 1512UTC.

Sighting very bright, from just right of overhead down to 20d above horizon
at A/C 3 o'clock position. Lost then when flying-type business interfered.

STS Orbit Plus right on as usual with its prediction, on a Dell notebook....

Cheers, Peter.