Re: Posting guidelines

Bill Bard (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 19:43:55 -0400

Well, if some of us ever got our act togeather on navspasur, I think there
would be interest in talking about it here. That is unless you're not
interested in finding lost objects, estimating size, updating elements.
Discussions of the receivers and other equipment might not belong here but
those interested in that could set up their own list.

Bill Bard
>From: Neil Clifford <>
>To: "J. Lee Blanton" <>
>Subject: Re: Posting guidelines
>Date: Wed, Nov 25, 1998, 4:28 AM

>On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, J. Lee Blanton wrote:
>> It sounds like SeeSat policy is being determined by a single person.  I
>> find this very troubling.
>SeeSat-L policy was decided by the founding members and has been
>maintained from then till this day. This policy has been supported by the
>majority of people who bother to reply whenever it is discussed and has
>always had majority support at any meeting that has been held (Eurosom
>1,2,3). The policy is merely enforced by a couple of people. SeeSat-L
>benefits from a high S/N which would degenerate if the focus was lost and
>we wandered 'off charter'; see any usenet group for a demonstration of
>I believe that HearSat-L exists for discussion of radio tracking/observing
>matters. I'm not saying that discussions concerning navspasur, other radio
>techniques etc aren't interesting (they are), but that SeeSat-L isn't the
>place for them.
>Neil Clifford