RE: Iridium double flares -- 3 nights running

Wed, 25 Nov 98 14:50:12

--- On Wed, 25 Nov 1998 02:56:41 -0500  Ed Cannon 
<> wrote in part:

>It seems to be time for these Iridium double flares to be 
>explained.  Other folks have again been reporting Iridiums 
>doing double flares (as also happened quite a few months ago 
>I believe), and this message is to report three double-flare 
>events -- three different satellites on three consecutive 

One theory advanced at Eurosom 3 is that the battery compartment
covers, which are highly reflective and relatively flat, located in the 
upper end of the satellite adjacent to
the solar arrays, is contributing to these secondary flares.

Paolo Bussola's Italian language web site
has a great graphic (with the solar reflections - irirefl.jpg) with good 
details including the battery section at the top of his page.

Jeff Hunt <>