Re: Satellite Tracking Software

Tom Johnson (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 01:45:13 -0500

As one of the lead developers for STK, I'm interested in comments
anyone has regarding STK (what better way to improve the product?).
What kind of calculation are you trying to perform on 100+ satellites?
Just propagating them, performing visibility (what we call "access"
calculations) analyses, or something else?  I'm fairly new to the
SeeSat list (mostly lurking).   Our typical PC platform that we 
design for is a 200 MHz pentium running NT 4.0 with 64 MB of RAM.
These days that is actually kind of low end, but our paying customers
tend to have higher end boxes.  I appreciate anyone's feedback on
STK topics.  So as not to spam the list, please feel free to email me
directly if you feel that is more appropriate.  I would be more than
happy to discuss STK applications with interested parties, just drop
me an email/call.

Earl Needham wrote:
> At 12:21 AM 11/25/98 -0500, JAY RESPLER wrote:
> >Earl Needham wrote:
> >>         STK can quite quickly load down a Pentium processor.  My 133 can
> take an
> >> hour or longer to make a calculation of 100+ satellites.
> >
> >An HOUR?!  QUICKSAT takes a second on the same machine!
> >--
> >Jay Respler
>         Well -- that's for a 30-day prediction.  STK is really meant for a MONSTER
> of a PC or UNIX-box, and has a nice output.  But be prepared to wait, if
> you have an "average" PC.
>         Earl
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