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Wed, 25 Nov 1998 14:58:36 +1100

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Subject: SL-13... how big?

>Anyone know offhand the SL-13 dimensions? an overhead pass tomorrow at
>180km... need to know how to estimate brightness beforehand...

Specs as follows.

Proton D-1 is a 3 stage version used principally for large LEO
spacecraft and space station modules, 20,000 to 21,000 kg
(44,100 to 46,300 lb).  Its overall height is about 44.3 m
(145 ft) but the choice of payload fairing will alter this
height slightly.

Proton K-3  (3rd stage of Proton 8K82K)
Gross Mass: 50,747 kg.
 Empty Mass: 4,185 kg.
Thrust (vac): 64,260 kgf.
 Isp: 325 sec.
Burn time: 238 sec.
 Propellants: N2O4/UDMH.
 Isp(sl): 230 sec.
 Diameter: 4.2 m.
 Span: 4.2 m.
Length: 6.5 m.
 Cost $ : 3.00 million.
 Country: Russia.
 No Engines: 1. 8D49
Status: Hardware.

beleive to very similar to the vehicle that launched Zarya, I'd say the the
payload fairing was larger in this case. but the rest of the vehicle,
including the third stage, to be the same.

As far as brightness goes, expect it to be bright, Mag 0 up to -1.  Should
also exhibit some rotation.


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