First Lunar Transit Observed

Ron Lee (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 18:54:14 -0700

Got home late and looked to see what would be visible from the
recent Bonum launch.  All three objects were making a decent pass.

I noticed that the lower rocket (#25547) looked like it went over
the moon.  Zooming in on Skymap and yes indeed it did. So I took 
the telescope out, set it up and waited. I had the majority of the 
sunlit portion just out of the field of view.  Then I saw a light
passing right through the middle of the strongly Earthlit "dark" side.

IT was the rocket body.  Just a point of light but easily seen in
the telescope.   I then looked at it with binoculars and it was about
magnitude 7.5. Not very easy to see.

Pass at 01:46 UT on 25 Nov 98 from Falcon, CO USA

Amazing what Skymap can do.  Thanks Rob Matson

Ron Lee