Re: Posting guidelines

Allen Thomson (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 16:18:35 -0700

Wherein it was said,

"c. Discussions about any aspect of visual (!) satellite observing are
welcome of course. This means that messages about RADIO observations are
OFF-TOPIC. On-topic are messages describing such things as orbital elements,
visual observations,
methods for observing/calculating, news about satellites (if it is tied into
VISUAL observing), and so on."

    Since here in the USA it's in fashion to ask, " how do you define
[word],"  let me ask how you define "VISUAL."   Is it just eyeball plus
classical reflective/ refractive optics?  Do CCDs and image intensifiers
count?  How about near-mid-thermal infrared observations with commercially
available cameras?

    For that matter, the NAVSPASUR hitch-hiking that some folks have done
strikes me as being very much in the spirit of SeeSat.   And, for example,
finding/tracking satellite radio transmitters has deep roots in the
Kettering work.

    While I'd agree that radio communications like the hams do is definitely
beyond the SeeSat pale, I'd also argue that  innovative means of tracking
satellites -- not necessarily involving strictly "visual" techniques, but
accessible to private persons -- might be appropriate for SeeSat.

   Perhaps what I'm suggesting is that "SeeSat" be interpreted as "Observe/
Detect/ Track-Sat."