[ADMIN] Posting Guidelines

Bart De Pontieu ((no email))
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 13:18:51 -0800 (PST)

Welcome to SeeSat-L,  the mailing list for visual observers of 
artificial satellites. Please save this message for future 
reference. This message is sent to the list on a monthly basis.

1. How the mailing list works:

The mailing list operates with two specific addresses. The 
EXPLOSIVE address for the list is SeeSat-L@lists.satellite.eu.org 
When you send mail to the EXPLOSIVE address, the SmartList 
software will make hundreds of copies of the mail and send all 
of them to the entire list of subscribers. So, if you want to
send a message that reaches everyone on the list of subscribers,
send it to the EXPLOSIVE address. But be aware of the Guidelines
for messages (see below).

The ADMINISTRATIVE address for SeeSat-L is 
When you send mail to the ADMINISTRATIVE address, it will be 
interpreted as commands for SmartList and will be a transaction 
private to you and the list maintainer (or rather the software). 
The ADMINISTRATIVE address is to be used for commands such as
subscribe and unsubscribe. 

It is very important to understand the difference between the 
two addresses. Sending commands such as subscribe, unsubscribe,
etc. to the EXPLOSIVE address is a VERY BAD idea. Hundreds of
people will read your one-line commands and be very annoyed if you
do it many times. 

2. Important Guidelines:

SeeSat-L is a busy list with over 600 subscribers. The list-owners 
want the list to remain focused on VISUAL satellite observing. 
SeeSat-L is intended to be a low-to-moderate volume list with high
information content about visual satellite observations. A lot of 
information on visual satellite observing is already available on 
the Internet. A good starting point is
or for American observers:
All previous messages to SeeSat-L have been archived on 
an ftp-server (ftp.satellite.eu.org) and the WWW
(www2.satellite.eu.org/seesat/seesatindex.html). The 2 is

If you decide to post a message to the list, please make sure 
you follow these guidelines:

a. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you send binary/encoded messages 
to SeeSat-L. We want only plain text (ASCII) messages on SeeSat-L. 
I.e. no images, no html-documents, and so on.
Be careful when you 'attach' files to your message. These 
attachments can be encoded ! Also, many mail-programs 
automatically encode your messages into html. Those messages are 
not welcome on SeeSat-L as they are not readable by many 

b. Messages to SeeSat-L need to have an OVSC: Obligatory Visual
observing Satellites Content. If you are posting a message to 
SeeSat-L which does not have an OVSC, you're making a mistake!

c. Discussions about any aspect of visual (!) satellite observing 
are welcome of course. This means that messages about RADIO
observations are OFF-TOPIC. On-topic are messages 
describing such things as orbital elements, visual observations,
methods for observing/calculating, news about satellites (if it
is tied into VISUAL observing), and so on.

d. Please AVOID:

- reporting too many 'I saw this satellite' messages without any 
'added value' to it. Yes, Iridiums do flare up, and yes MIR
*is* bright. But that's no longer news. Exceptional MIR and
Iridium observations are welcome though. What is added value?
(Flash) Timings, positions of satellites in the night-sky, seeing
satellites under difficult/exceptional circumstances (e.g. first
sightings, in the vicinity of other satellites), and so on. 

- replying to long messages with wise-cracks or one-liners such 
as 'I agree', 'You are wrong', and so on. Remember this list is
read by over 600 people!

- sending test messages. If you need to test whether your messages are
reaching lists.satellite.eu.org, just send a message with the word
"help" in the SUBJECT to the ADMINISTRATIVE address
If all goes well on our and your end, you should then receive the
help-file of SeeSat-L. This way the 600+ subscribers won't be bothered.
If you are receiving the test message from the ADMINISTRATIVE address but
your posts to the whole list are not appearing, contact the maintainers.

- quoting excessively. All readers are subscribed to the list
and you can expect them to have read the message you're replying
to. Please just quote those parts that are relevant to your

- sig-lines longer than 4 lines.

- commercial advertisements.

- using the old, outdated domains in the e-mail addresses of the
list(s) such as blackadder.lmsal.com,
cds.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de even if messages seem to originate

e. Suggestions:

- If you have just subscribed to SeeSat-L for the first time, 
we appreciate it if you send a short introduction about yourself 
and your interest in satellite observing to the EXPLOSIVE address 

- please always include your geographical coordinates (latitude,
longitude) and the exact time of observing (+ timezone) if
you report observations of unknown satellites.

- when in doubt, please ask the maintainers (see below) whether
messages are on-topic or not. 

- try reading the FAQ (see www.satellite.eu.org/satintro.html
for links) before you post questions to SeeSat-L. If the FAQ doesn't
answer your questions, feel free to post them to the list.

- SeeSat-L can also be received in digest-form. The digests are 
sent out daily or if the submissions exceed 32 Kb. Send a message 
with as SUBJECT field the word 'help' to the following address 
for more details on the digest form: 

- a help-file with more details can be obtained by sending
a message with as SUBJECT field the word 'help' to the 

3. How to unsubscribe, change addresses, ...:

You can unsubscribe at any point by sending a message with as 
SUBJECT field the word 'unsubscribe' to the REQUEST address: 

If you are sending your request from an address different from
that in our files, make sure to write 
'unsubscribe fill_in@you.old.address.here' in the SUBJECT of
your message.

To change addresses, unsubscribe the old address and subscribe 
the new address.

If you have questions or problems, please address them to the 
maintainers of the list: 
          Bart De Pontieu at bart@satellite.eu.org, 
          Neil Clifford at neil@satellite.eu.org

PS: The list has been a bit irregular in its delivery lately, I am working
on improvements. The problems have to do with the growth of the list and
the heavy use of my workstation. The delivery mechanism needs finetuning,
which I am in the process of doing. Hopefully this will greatly improve
delivery times. Cheers -- Bart.