Satellite Tracking Software
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 14:14:45 EST

I am new to the Seesat boards but have found much interesting and useful

I, too, am interested in acquiring tracking software.  I have examined the
Celestrak ( site and the information on various tracking
packages, but reading reviews and looking at the websites does not replace
talking with people who have "hands on" experience with different

I am looking for a package that will provide me with both tabular listings for
a given date/time period (an ephemeris type) and a sky track map format
(something along the lines of the J-Pass NASA site) that provides assistance
in actually visually locating the target satellite.  It must be compact enough
to fit onto a laptop and be PC compatible (Windows 95).

I have some questions concerning the programs already available.  Will they
work in the new millenium?  Is one package more accurate than others (given
the same set of orbital elements?  Any comments about rapidity of loading,
calculating, etc?  What about ease of use?  Right now, I am favoring either
Sat Spy or STSPlus, although the talking component of the Logsat is
intriguing, but will wait for some responses before proceeding.  

The Seesat FAQ is incomplete and does not address my questions.  Feel free to
respond directly to my e-mail address, if this is off-topic.  Thanks for any

Mark Jablonowski