Re: fireball or reentry ... ? + Leonid Photo from Space

James Husnay Sr. (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 06:41:45 -0500

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> writes: > Has anyone else ever heard inexplicable "sounds" associated with
> meteors,
> >  or satellites?

I know this will be list contamination to some but in June of '94 3 months into
observational ast. as a hobby, my son and I witnessed a sporadic meteor (or
decaying object) that was nothing less than spectacular or mystifying.

We both were taking a break looking in the same direction and were amiss when this
first ever sight and sound bolide fragmented into a dozen or more pieces just a
millisecond before it passed overhead and turned dark into daylight for a little
over a second or two. It made several phssst sounds, sounding more like the
igniting of a child's 4th of July sparkler.

The peak Leonids were a total washout (cloud out) at 43N 76W Syracuse, NY. I had
to settle for the remembrance of a Leonid fragmenter of 10m that I observed from
this moderately light polluted city 3 years ago that exploded silently over the
city. It broke into several pieces at more of a graze and the train lasted close
to 7 or 8 minutes as it drifted in the night air reflected by the city lights.
Strike 1 for light pollution under the circumstance.

BTW- Don those are interesting photos.