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Fri, 20 Nov 1998 01:46:47 -0500

Here's a comment from Rick about Eleman.

Rick von Glahn wrote:
> I'm acknowledging this message. Two things.
> 1.) The limit on the number of element sets is now user settable. The INI
> file that comes with the program sets it to 10,000 element sets. And the
> program deals fairly quickly with even large files (8000 elements). It still
> takes some time to clear out all that memory but it's been reduced from 10
> minutes to 30 seconds for a file with 8000 elements. So, I feel it's been
> "fixed". Of course, I believe it should clear memory in millisecs not that
> 30 second time frame. So, I'll continue to think about it. But, I don't
> believe there is any way to easily work around this in Visual Basic.
> I just went out and got a copy of Visual C++. I've been led to believe that
> this programming environment will give me much greater control over this
> particular event. The problem here, ..., I've NO experience with "C". So,
> I'll have to learn how to program in that language. That's probably going to
> be a process that takes several months. So no quick fix, unless I stumble
> upon something in VB that makes it work more quickly.
> 2.) Regarding the use of B* values spanning multiple element sets for the
> same satellite, that is going to require some thought as to how to get the
> data from previous sets, validate the time frame etc. I may or more probably
> may not add this feature.
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> > I agree with Rick von Glahn that an elset manager with a practical
> > limit of 1000-2000 elsets would still be useful to some satellite
> > amateurs, but that the problem could and should be solved.
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