Revised Zarya Prelaunch Elset (Predicted)

Ron Lee (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 19:38:33 -0700

Zarya, 6:40 UT, 20 Nov 98
1 99999U 98 0xx A 98324.28457176  .00460000  00000-0  00000-0 0    12
2 99999  51.5810 168.3860 0120960  84.9500   0.3480 16.07968400    10

I increased the decay term (.0046).   Since the perigee raising burns
do not occur until almost a day into flight (instead of the two hours
I mistakenly recalled), this MAY provide slightly better predictions
until a real elset is generated.  

Northern Japan may have a pass on the initial rev.  Then the southern tip of
South America will have a pass.  Europe is in daylight.  Japan has another
pass at about 831UT.  Around 1635UT, the SE part of Australia has a low pass.

About 1730UT Spain and the northern parts of Africa have a pass.

About 1808UT, portions of SE Australia have a better pass.

Allow some time before and after predicted pass times using this elset to
allow for uncertainties.

Ron Lee