Re: Sputnik-41 / [ADMIN] SeeSat-L problems

Dale Ireland (
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 19:04:27 -0800

>>And I'm afraid that there are over 550 people subscribed to SeeSat-L who'd
rather not like to hear about radio-observing satellites. <<

I posted a radio observation stating that Sputnik was 4 minutes ahead of MIR
because there were no kep elements available until today and this seemed
like a good way to aid in the visual observation of this faint object.
It also seemed to provide an interesting variation to the 1,000  "hi I saw a
big iridium flash" posts that I have received from this list. Many
SeeSatters are also HearSatters and let their excitement about this
interesting satellite spill over to this list. I don't think much harm was