Re: Anyone else? (a little bit off-topic)

Mon, 16 Nov 1998 19:00:43 -0500

Ed Cannon wrote:
> Several days ago, apparently, I was unsubscribed the
> digest form of SeeSat for some reason.  Has this
> happened to anyone else?  I tried re-subscribing
> using an address I guess I made up:

I realized that I hadn't been getting anything from SeeSat-L for several days
also. I thought it was because of my mail problems. Due to problems at my IP,
I was without incoming mail for a week.  It was after that, that Seesat
stopped, but I assumed it was related and just a problem for me.  Maybe not. 
Anyway, I re-subscribed and seem to have been getting Seesat for the last
couple of days.

Jay Respler
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