Re: Element Manager for Windows in work

Sun, 15 Nov 1998 01:12:58 -0500

Rick von Glahn is working on a new version of Eleman and asked me to forward
some questions.  I'll forward all replies or you can write to him directly.

> Hi Jay,
> I've started a new project I know you should find interesting. I've
> rewritten Element Manager in VB5.
> It's working pretty good but I'm running into one BIG problem. Although the
> program can now manipulate the entire NORAD satellite catalog (per Allen
> Thompson's list) or 10,000 element sets, it takes absolutely FOREVER to
> clear memory and either shut down or load another element file. How long is
> "Forever", try 10 minutes on my 200 MHz Pentium with an 8000+ element set
> file. At first I just thought I'd written in some crazy loop. But, I started
> checking it out line by line and it works fine, just takes absolutely
> forever to do these jobs.
> Files under 1000 elements run fairly fast so the program may still be useful
> to some even if I can't master this problem.
> But, I'm fairly confident there is some way to resolve this (I have some
> questions out on other newsgroups) so I'm plugging away.

> I've got several alerts built into the program. One points out an element
> set is aging, another when the perigee starts getting too low.
> I'm using RED to indicate real problems. Elements older than 7 days for
> instance. Yellow for older than 3 days. No consideration of MM (altitude) is taken.
> Here's my question. At what altitude should a perigee be highlighted with
> yellow to indicate mild problems with drag? And at what altitude should
> perigee be highlighted red indicating severe atmospheric drag leading to
> imminent splash or dramatic reductions in apogee?
> Perhaps you could pose this question and
> see if there is any general consensus. Or, perhaps folks think it's too
> dependant on eccentricity to just name some altitude. I'd like to know that too.
> I'm not trying to write a deorbit program, I just want some numbers to use
> to point to element developing some problems. The altitudes should be
> generic enough so that atmospheric contractions and expansions are
> irrelevant.
> Any suggestions are welcome too. I won't promise to include everything but
> if something makes good sense, I'll probably have a hard time overlooking
> it. :-)
> cul -- Rick - N0KKZ

Jay Respler
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