New SeeSater

Daniel Deak (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 23:27:21 -0500

Hi everybody,

     My name is Daniel Deak from St-Bonaventure, Québec, Canada (
45.9487°N, 58 m. ).I've been interested in satellite tracking for a year
since I downloaded
STSPlus from David Ransom. Since then I use this software, along with
others like SatSpy
and IridFlar to make my predictions. I'm also an amateur astronomer,
member of a local

     After studying the subject for a year, it's now time to get down to
serious observing.
I'm only waiting for the weather to clear up. Imagine, no clear skies
(night time) since
Oct. 28, except for tuesday morning, but I was so sure it was going to
be cloudy, I didn't
bother to check for passes.

     I was wondering if there is anybody who lives near me and is
registered to SeeSat-L.

     My contribution to space science has been to work on the
manufacture of the X-band
antenna reflector for the Radarsat remote sensing satellite which I
haven't seen yet. I look
forward to it.

     I find SeeSat-L extremely useful and thank everybody for working so
hard to keep us
informed in a timely manner with so much details and enthusiasm...

     Best regards.