Mir and 2 flashers?

Mike Boschat (mboschat@ns.sympatico.ca)
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:40:49 -0400

Hello Observers

This morning at 0944 UT, Mir made a pass, as I watched it there was a
faint 2 flashes 3 or 4 degrees
behind Mir about 2nd magnitude.

Then I saw 3 brighter flashes off to Mir's left but almost similar in
degrees behind it and looking
like it was paralleing Mir. The flashes were about 2-4 seconds in
seperation and the brighter ones
were about 0 magnitude.

 I lost the Mir over the roof of the apartment :(.

Anyone know what this may have been?

I'm at N44 39'  W63 36'
Clear skies

Michael Boschat
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