New SeeSater

Daniel Deak (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 21:43:55 -0500

Hi everybody,

     My name is Daniel Deak from St-Bonaventure, Québec, Canada (
72.6538° W,
45.9487° N, 58 m.). I've been interested in satellite tracking for a
year since I downloaded STSPlus from Dave Ransom. Since then I use this
software, along with others like Sat Spy and
IridFlar to make my predictions. I'm also an amateur astronomer, member
of a local club.

     After studying the subject for a year, it's now time to get down to
serious observing.
I'm only waiting for the weather to clear up. Imagine, no clear skies
(night time) since Oct. 28,
except for yesterday morning , but I was sure it was going to be cloudy,
so I didn't bother to
check for passes.

     I was wondering if there is anybody who lives near me and is
registered to SeeSat-L.

     My contribution to space science has been to work on the
manufacture of the X-band
antenna reflector for the Radarsat remote sensing satellite which I
haven't seen yet. I look
forward to it.

     I find SeeSat-L extremely useful and thank everybody for working so
hard to keep us
informed in a timely manner with so much details and enthusiasm...

     Best regards.