Daytime Iridium Flares added to GSOC Web Site

Chris Peat (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:23:38 +0100

Hi all,
My first observation of a daytime Iridium flare at Eurosom in Edinburgh a
couple of weeks ago has spurred me into action, and I've now added a page
giving daytime flare predictions to the GSOC web site. The magnitude cutoff
daytime flares has been set to -6, because most of our visitors are not
expert observers, and I don't want to
give them predictions that might be difficult to see.

I've also adjusted our magnitude estimates to be in line with the latest
version of Rob Matson's Iridflar program, so you will see they are now a
good bit brighter than previously estimated on our site.

We have improved site navigation, although this is not yet completed, and
also added a page allowing the visitor to select satellites from our
database using either USSPACECOM number, COSPAR designator, year of launch,
or a wildcard search on the satellites name (e.g. Irid% will find all the
Iridium satellites).

As usual, the start page for the GSOC site can be found at;


Chris Peat, Anite Systems
Currently working at the German Space Operations Centre near Munich