Iridium 21 tumbling, I think

Ed Cannon (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 03:59:32 -0500

On 11 Nov. 1998 (Tuesday evening local time), I observed in 
binoculars what I'm pretty sure was Iridium 21 (24873, 97-34E) 
very obviously tumbling.  (I can't remember right now if it's
already been reported as tumbling, but it is listed as "failed"
in Mike McCants' and Alan Pickup's November 7 notes on the 
status of "irregular" Iridiums.)  I didn't get timings of 
multiple maxima, but the brightest flash that I saw occurred 
at about 1:19:46 or 47; since I was observing it in binocs I'm 
not sure of the magnitude, but it was very bright (much 
brighter than any of the previous ones I saw on this pass)!  
At that point I looked at one-power but didn't see any more 
and couldn't find it again in binocs....

Location was 30.314 N, 97.866 W, 280 m.  Predicted culmination
was 1:18:43.

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA