Bright sats for So. Calif. Nov 9th

Matson, Robert (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 15:28:24 -0800

For SoCal observers:

A heads-up for 3 bright satellites Monday evening, Nov. 9th.
GPS 2-26 r1 (#23954) makes a nice 75-deg culmination pass
at 5:34pm PST, going from west-northwest to east-southeast.
Culmination is just above Delphinus; peak magnitude should
be around +3.2 shortly after culmination.

TRMM (#24063) makes a zenith pass at 6:01pm PST, going
into shadow around 6:02:30 between Jupiter and Saturn.  Peak
magnitude will be close to 0.  Altitude is only 355 km, so
TRMM is moving right along.

Cosmos 2347 (#25088) rises out of the north-northeast from
6:17 to 6:19pm, reaching about magnitude +1.7.  It goes into
shadow while still rising at 6:19, fairly close to the Andromeda

Good luck!  --Rob