Unidentified flare

Vitor Sexto Bernardes (vitorsb@artnet.com.br)
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 23:08:20 -0200

  Hi SeeSaters,

     Tonight I was waiting for a STS-95 pass, when my eyes caught a very
bright flare, about -2 mag (unfortunately I'm not good at estimating
magnitudes), at about 22:14UT. It was at Azm=30 and Elv=25, and it was going
down. When I caught it, it was already at its brightest, and it lasted about
3 seconds, when it dimmed to +6 or something, and I couldn't see it any
more, at elevation 20 degrees. I couldn't time it precisely because I wasn't
waiting for that...
     Anyway, I ran a search on SkyMap using alldat.tle but found nothing
similar to it. If someone could help me, I'd appreciate a lot.

          Clear skies, Vitor
          Juiz de Fora - Brazil - 21.75S 43.30W 695m

     "Tell the truth and run" - Nigel D. Findley, Illuminati