Iridium 17 Flare causes Trouble !

Bryan & Jane Carney (
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 23:23:53 +1100

Hi all,

Has this happened before anywhere else ?

On November 3rd I observed a  - 4 Mag flare from Iridium 17 at 9.25.37 UT
from my location :
(Lat 31.44 S Long 152.92 E) .About 10 minutes later the local radio station
received several calls from residents saying they had seen a "UFO" ! Then
several more listeners called saying they had seen it also !
I missed hearing any details of where in sky  the "craft" was observed (the
flare was 56 deg Elev - 77 deg E azi) but I am guessing they may have
witnessed the flare and mistook it for a UFO ?

Bryan Carney -
Port Macquarie ,NSW