Fireball Over Texas

Vitor Sexto Bernardes (
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 13:51:04 -0200

>Found this on the amsat mailing list this morning.    -Mike McCarty
>Did anyone else (in Texas) see the HUGE fireball last night?
>It was around 21:15 local time.  I am near San Antonio and it
>was to the southeast.  I don't think it was a meteor, it
>looked more like something coming down from orbit.  It was
>bright green (enough to cast a shadow) with a red trail several
>degrees long.  It was brightest at about 25 degrees above the
>horizon and then it disappeared.  It left what looked like a smoke
>trail (dark green) that was probably ionized oxygen.  I was outside
>walking my baby daughter to sleep.  The shadow it cast caught my
>attention.  The moon was blocked by a tree so the shadow was easily
>visible.  I know there is a very large meteor shower coming up in
>a couple of weeks.  If this was from that shower, so early, maybe
>we'll have a good show!
>Kevin, WB5RUE

     I watched something like this some months ago (sorry I don't know
when), I was waiting for sat passes, when I glimpsed north. I saw a green
ball, about half the moon size, going down very fast. I saw it at about 350
azimuth and 10 degrees of elevation, but it might have been higher, because
I got to see only the end of the trajectory. It was lighting up the clouds
around it with a green light, and it vanished at about 355 azimuth and 5
degrees of elevation. I saw no smoke trail or something like that, the sky
where I saw the ball was a little cloudy, though.
     I had heard nothing similar to this thing until now. Maybe some of you
guys out there have an answer for it.

    Vitor Bernardes
    Juiz de Fora, Brazil - 21.45S 43.3W 695m

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