Iridium 44

Matson, Robert (
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 14:21:53 -0800

Hi All,

A quick apology regarding Iridium 44 -- as Ian Porter pointed out to me,
Paul Maley had already observed that this satellite is spinning back on
August 6th:

"Measured 12 rotations showing a period of about 12.5 seconds
with the maximum varying between +4 and +5."

No one else had reported on IR44 since Paul's observation,
so somehow I had forgotten about this satellite.  So it is
not a new failure -- just one of the original 7.  For the
record, those seven that have failed are: 11, 20*, 21, 24*,
27, 44 and 71.  [OIG has Iridium 18 and 20 swapped, and
Iridium 24 and 46 swapped.  To avoid confusion, the
USSPACECOM catalogue numbers for the failed satellites
in these swapped pairs are 24871 (OIG IR18) and 25105
OIG IR46).]

IR14 "appears" to have also failed.  More than a half-dozen
observers have seen this satellite flashing over the last
several weeks.  This would be the 8th failure, not the 9th
as I reported earlier.