Kupon debris re-entries

Jeff Hunt (jhunt@Radix.Net)
Tue, 25 Nov 97 14:49:31

>From Nov 21 1997 Weekly Sat Sit report for decays:
                                             launch date  decay date
>1997-070B    SL-12 PLAT      25046   CIS    12 Nov 1997 13 Nov 1997
>1997-070C    SL-12 R/B(1)    25047   CIS    12 Nov 1997 15 Nov 1997

So to close the record for the SeeSat-L archives and verify that Alan 
Pickup's http://www2.satellite.eu.org/seesat/Nov-1997/0250.html
last posting on this subject was correct, it appears the decay on Nov 13 
off the coast of southern Japan was the Platform and the decay over the 
US Northwest on Nov 15 was the R/B(1).

Jeff Hunt <jeff@satellite.eu.org>