Re[2]: Oscar 13

Rosenberg.Eric (rosenberg.eric@Orbcomm.COM)
Mon, 24 Nov 97 13:31:44 -0500


James Miller ( in Cambridge, England was the primary AO-13 
controller and posted daily updates on the satellite's status. 

His data should be there...or  at least there might be pointers to his website. 

The data *is* out there...


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Subject: RE: Oscar 13 
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Date:    11/24/97 1:04 PM

--- On 24 Nov 1997 17:08:00 +0200  Lutz Schindler 
<> wrote:
>a teacher, who make a study of the decayed OSCAR 13 (88 51 B) together 
>with his pupils ask me for the latest available element sets of this 
>Is there everyone, who can help? Thanks.
OIG data base says 88051A/ 19216/ Oscar 13 decayed on Dec 6, 1996.
If you go to
you should find it in the Allen Thomson archive (along with 4000 others). 
If you are not familiar with Z compression, you can find some help at
regarding UNIX compression  and a DOS program gzip.exe to decompress 
Jeff Hunt <>