Re: Unidentified satellite

Ron Lee (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 17:53:33 -0700

At 12:56 AM 11/21/97 +1000, you wrote:
>A message from Rob McNaught. Bugaldie is -31.126S, 149.116E height 390m.
>Rob McNaught is
>Can somebody identify, I had better get some sleep!
>Last night I photographed and videotaped a flare from a satellite that
>reached mag -4 taking 10 seconds.  It was pretty well due south from
>Bugaldie at about 50 deg elevation and moving to the NE.  The time of the
>flare was 16:34:43 to 16:34:53 UT
>Should add I failed to identify it from the latest Molczan.tle and
>Iridium.tle in Mike McCants FTP area.

Since I was not sure what DATE to use, I ran ALLDAT.TLE on 19 an 20 Nov.

I found a possible match of #10880 passing that area 1.5 minutes early.

Ron Lee