Re: Anyone seen a Molniya at perigee??

Alphonse POUPLIER (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 23:06:47 +0100 (MET)

>I have seen one at apogee (with an 8" telescope). 
>I wonder if they would be visible to the naked eye,
>and moving very quickly....near perigee.
>Since I live at 40 deg north latitude, I won't be able
>to do it.  Perhaps Tony might give it a try some night.
>Ron Lee

On december 16 1995 at 21:15 UT, a group of astronomers
located in Spa +50d29m 005d34m EAST were observing M36
when they saw magn. 5.5 flashes every 20 sec.
They phoned me the day after and I could identify it
as being a Molniya (Norad# 14313). This was cofirmed by
Mike Mc Cants. The parameters were:
83090  A
1 14313U 83090  A 95335.39219522  .00001427  00000-0  10000-4 0  5445
2 14313  64.1207  58.7228 7276808 254.1181  21.1777  2.00989968 38823

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