East coast US Fireball

Wayne T Hally (wayne.t.hally@bangate.tek.com)
Thu, 20 Nov 97 14:07:00 EST

Greetings Satellite gurus;
	A large number of reports have been received in meteor land regarding 
a Fireball visible in the Northeast US at about 2047 LST Monday Nov 17th. 
(0147 UT Nov 18). The descriptions could be consistent with a  
satellite/space junk reentry. Is anyone aware of anything that might have 
come down around this time? It was seen in Ottawa, Canada, Vermont, New 
Hampshire, Mass, NY and NJ, and as far as I have been able to determine so 
far was heading generally toward the south.  I'm just trying to determine 
whether it was a natural fireball, or man made. It was not a Leonid meteor, 
since it was impossible for the Leonids to be seen until at least 1 1/2 
hours later; it could of course have been a sporadic or a Taurid shower 
member. I'd appreciate any help. If possible please e-mail me, since for 
some reason I cannot read all messeges that are in the SeeSat-D index, 
however I will look there too, and if I can't read the message I'll write 
to you. I'll see 10 titles listed, but there will only be 6 
attachments.Haven't figured that out yet. Thanx in advance.

Wayne T Hally
NJ Astro Assoc
North American Meteor Network